A Long-Time Maui ProfBook Keeping image 6 edit copyessional “I’ve worked for Maui businesses and non-profits for over 30 years and understand the difficulties small businesses face in Hawaii. When you use a competent, reasonably-priced bookkeeping service, you’ll see how it can ease the stress of essential record-keeping and bring more balance to your life.”

Honest and Confidential  “Maui’s atmosphere of extended Ohana is one of the reasons we love living here but that doesn’t mean that anyone besides you needs to know your business plans and financial situation. Be assured that I hold such information as privileged and confidential. My references confirm that I offer competence and integrity.”

The Devil in the Details  “Business owners work hard to provide a marketable product for their customers.  That’s what gives them motivation and satisfaction. But owners also struggle daily to keep up with other tasks that don’t provide much sense of accomplishment. You didn’t start a business based on your love of filling out forms and paying taxes but when you don’t take care of that side of your business it can threaten the side you do love.  Let me help with those devilish details so your records can be in compliance with the ‘rules and regs’ of all those regulatory and taxing agencies.”