hand-174283_640New Business Set-Up  Get off to a good start by letting me help you with the initial set-up of your record-keeping systems. Getting some upfront help can save you time and avoid frustration later. I can help you set up systems tailored to your initial needs and adapt them as your business changes and grows. Call for a free initial consultation. [see CONTACT page]

Your Office or Mine  Services can be provided at your own office or at mine (in Kula, by appointment.)

Don’t own your own accounting software?  If you don’t have your own accounting software, I can utilize software at my office, enter disbursements and receipts based on your manual records (checkbook, customer ledgers, etc), and provide periodic financial statements.

You already have accounting software?  If you have your own accounting software, such as QuickBooks, and do much of your own bookkeeping in-house, I can perform periodic reconciliations to outside records to help you keep your records on-track and ready for pulling meaningful financial statements.

Day-to-Day Data Entry  If you have better things to do than day-to-day data entry in your accounting software, I can take over tasks such as tracking and paying your suppliers/vendors (Accounts Payable) and preparing billings to and monitoring payments from your customers (Accounts Receivable).

Month-end Bookkeeping Services  So … all of your transactions have been recorded for the month. Now what? I can reconcile your records to outside documents such as your bank statements and vendor statements, and then prepare your month-end Financial Statements (Profit & Loss report and Balance Sheet).

Year-end  At year-end, presenting your CPA or tax-professional with clean financial reports can ease much of the anxiety of filing income tax returns and cut down on the hours billed at CPA rates.